We are fully committed towards providing the best crypto exchange mobile application services to the clients spread worldwide. Our software developers have 4-year experience working with start-ups, SMEs, agencies and corporates all over the world. Our experienced teams of technology experts works on cutting-edge web frameworks – Ruby on Rails (RoR), Angular JS and build customized best cryptocurrency wallet app and exchange as well.

Our mission is to build the best open-source cryptoexchange with a safety and high-performance trading engine which the users can trust on. We are on the path of helping startups, small and medium enterprises to build their own cryptocurrency exchange as well as the cryptocurrency mobile wallet.

With quick turnaround time and 24-hour technical support, we make sure our clients come back to us again.

Why Hire Us?

  • Customized cryptocurrency exchange development solutions
  • Skilled and experienced group of software programmers
  • Result-driven methodologies
  • Competitive pricing
  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Implement latest technologies with quality standards

Smart Features of a Peatio Based Cryptocurrency Exchange App

Any Peatio exchange app has to be intuitive, fast and highly functional. The application should possess these important components:

Admin Console

The features of a console can be customized as per business requirements; however every console must have the option to edit trading fee, managing crypto listing, crediting/debiting funds to wallet, adding new cryptocurrencies and addressing support issues.

Front-End User Interface

This is the face of your exchange. An intuitive interface with user friendly features gives users an amazing trading experience. Important functionalities include – User Registration and Login, Funds deposit/withdrawal, View order book, transactions, and Buy/sell orders and Support features.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

All the cryptocurrency tokens/coins will be stored in the user’s wallet so without a wallet an exchange won’t run. Developing a wallet solution with enhanced security will build trust between your users and crypto exchange.

Trading Engine

it acts as the core of any crypto exchange and runs the operations. Trading Engine is essential in many ways such as: to execute transactions, calculate balances, access order book and match the buy/sell transactions on a crypto exchange.

With our professional assistance, any entrepreneur or businessman can roll out a highly-efficient Peatio cryptocurrency exchange app without getting into the technicalities. Our solutions can accelerate the pace of crypto exchange development. If you need expert help, let us know. We will be glad to help you