Why Peatio

If you are looking forward to building your own open-source cryptocurrency exchange, Peatio is the perfect solution for you. It is FREE, open-source, 100% secure, scalable and transparent. Peatio has a short time to market and has proven reliability.

Peatio Exchange Development

It is a customizable cryptocurrency exchange solution architecture that allows in easy and smooth connection to KYC/AML, authentication, ETL/reporting and many other services.

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KYC Verification

Peatio KYC submits and exchanges KYC information in order to meet the banking supervisory standards and comply with Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirements.

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Transparent and Configurable

Peatio being a true open-source technology is completely secure, flexible, transparent and highly configurable.

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Fully Functional

A lot of functions have been implanted in the source code such as: clean registration, log-in interface, customized deposit, withdraw procedure, suitable match of the bid and ask etc. These functions are ready to use and require no extra work.

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Proof of Solvency

The Peatio (PoS) enable users to verify the solvency of the Peatio based crypto exchange without compromising user privacy.

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Enterprise Exchange

The Peatio open source cryptocurrency exchange features such as: high-performance machine engine, scalable distributed worker threads and SMS 2-factor authentication plays an important role in building the enterprise exchange solution.

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It is simple and easy to add a new account and trade with different currencies in Peatio.

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It is multi-lingual and supports many languages. Peatio software operates in the mother tongue of users which makes it phenomenal software. Users will greatly benefit from such efforts.

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We Make Operating a Peatio Exchange Easy For You

We are a group of likeminded software developers’ with deep knowledge and vast industry experience on Ruby on Rails framework, Angular JS, Node JS, Vuejs and other cutting-edge technologies. Our developers are proficient in implementing ERC20 token to Peatio and make the work of sending and withdrawing amount using the ETH convenient for users.

We use AWS technology and also have a team of My SQL server administrators. We come from different backgrounds and have diverse skill sets as individuals. However as a team we are united by one goal –Diversify technology solutions into different spheres of the market so as to capture the need of the business world and deliver the best SOLUTION.

We strive to go every step of the way to build an agile and encrypted database to keep it safe from the hackers. If you have something similar in mind, get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide you the best Peatio based mobile apps solution as per your project requirements.


Dive in to see what our clients say

"It has been a pleasure working with Open Source Cryptoexchange from our first meeting to the finished product, we are really happy with the final outcome. They have a clear understanding of what we wanted to achieve. I would highly recommend Open Source Cryptoexchange to anyone looking to get a crypto exchange developed at a competitive price."

Jacob Ballou

"The team at Open Source Cryptoexchange has been incredibly responsive to the constant changes in project requirements. Having worked with a number of offshore partners in the past, Open Source Cryptoexchange is definitely one of the easiest to work with due to their efficient yet dynamic work management structure."