About Project

Cryptocurrency has gone mainstream and nowadays considered as a new era of investment. Owing to the huge demand for digital currency, the client put forth his unique idea of creating a wallet and crypto exchange in front of our blockchain experts. Our client, Jacob’s goal was to help connect the world by making it easy to exchange one cryptocurrency for another (or USD) in a timely manner. The mission was to provide the most secure and reliable cryptocurrency wallet on the market with room for research and development to implement advanced security tactics in ongoing updates.

Technology for web: Node.js (Version 8)

Android App: Core java 8.0 and kotlin 1.2.41

iOS App: Swift 4, xcode 9.2


The developers while working on the project faced scalability issues. There were problems with respect to the excessive trading volume volatility mitigation. Because of the tiny crackdown in software, the trading algorithm got reversed. This is a usual affair when dealing with huge amounts of money so we revamped our development strategies so that no bugs appear throughout the development phase.


We developed a Vega Wallet’s Bitcoin and Altcoin exchange along with in-house cold storage wallet and mobile application which will allow users to effortlessly purchase cryptocurrency and easily exchange for different crypto assets. For the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) launch, “VGW” token was developed on the Ethereum token ERC20, which is the standard interface for the token code. It facilitates interaction with smart contracts as well as permission applications on Ethereum Blockchain.